The JU Summer Jazz Workshop is by audition only. Auditions should be submitted by Wednesday May 15th. Horn players, chord players and any other melodic instrumentalists must demonstrate a full range chromatic scale, concert A, Bb and B Major scale and one Harmonic Minor scale (of your choice) in two octaves (5 total scales). Drummers must demonstrate a variety of styles and grooves i.e. up tempo and medium tempo 4/4 swing, medium 3/4 swing, latin, straight beat modern (or funk) and ballad. Guitarists should demonstrate comping over the provided lead sheet and accompaniment track. Bassists should demonstrate a walking bass line over the provided lead sheet and accompaniment track. Drummers should demonstrate playing along with the accompaniment track provided. Selections of lead sheets are to be performed with melody and improvisation for every instrumental submission. They can be found with the accompaniment options and specific instructions for the audition procedures here:

Jazz Workshop Audition Materials

Submissions sent in a private youtube video format is preferred, with a link to the recorded audition sent to professor John Ricci at